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Super Bowl Flip Coins the Good, Bad & Ugly & the Companies Who Make Them

The world of Super Bowl commemorative coins, sports coins and autographed sports collectibles can be confusing. We created this parody website to help take the mystery out of buying commemorative sports coins and medallions. As well as help you navigate the complicated world of Super Bowl coins & the company that makes them. Whether you are looking for Super Bowl 52 coins, Past Super Bowl Coins, Final Four, Stanley Cup Playoffs and more.

While we can’t be cheeky all the time – we’ve tried. It just gets too tiring sometimes. We will also keep you in the loop on the all Super Bowl News that will be filtering through the internet, like water through a french drain in the coming months.

We know you can’t wait for the barrage of Super Bowl commercials, promotions and thousand and one different ways people can refer to the Super Bowl without actually saying the word Super Bowl this fall. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of money companies spend on their Super Bowl commercials in the hope of reaching the 110 million plus that watch the Super Bowl. Quick, besides Doritos can you name 3 more companies that advertised during Super Bowl 51 (no cheating with a Google search).


*Disclaimer: this website is in no way affiliated with The Highland Mint it is a parody website, designed to inform and enlighten our dear readers about all things Sports related. From the companies who make the products to the ones who sponsor them. Questions? Please contact us.